2 min read

Addressing the Roots of Biodiversity Loss: Overconsumption and Overpopulation

Overpopulation and overconsumption are driving the decline in global biodiversity. Land-use change, overexploitation, invasive alien species, pollution, and climate change are all major contributors. It's time for a multi-faceted approach to promote biodiversity conservation and build a more sustainable future.


4 min read

"Blind" Conservation: The Dire Need for Evidence-Based Conservation Practices

Are we wasting resources on "blind" conservation efforts? The disconnection between science and practical management in conservation and the reluctance of some conservation managers to apply expertise from their own and other projects has led to an alarming lack of evidence-based practices, causing ineffective resource allocation and hindering progress toward biodiversity targets. Let's explore how this issue has manifested and what can be done to resolve it.

3 min read

Verifiable, Evidence-Based Conservation: The Key to Effective Biodiversity Conservation

Join the evidence-based conservation movement! Learn how monitoring, data analysis, and open access can help us achieve the best possible outcomes for biodiversity conservation.

1 min read

Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss: Uniting for a Sustainable Future

Climate change and biodiversity loss are among the most pressing global issues, impacting humans and ecosystems alike. These two major threats to life on Earth are intrinsically connected, with climate change influencing habitats, species distributions, and the world’s natural richness. We must take immediate and meaningful action to address these challenges and protect our planet's future.