Our goal is to be responsible for financing the protection of 1% of our Planet’s land within the next 10 years..

and for that, we need to act together.
A global community united.

Everyone can play a part in fighting and mitigating the environmental crisis by harnessing technology and ensuring adequate finances.

At Lemu, our mission relies on the idea of leveraging technology to learn, explore, and protect nature, as well as improving conservation measures and outputs.

Starting from the inside.

Our core values are shaped by protection and care, kindness, innovation, empathy, and diversity. There's one word we love to use to describe how we work: oddness. We do things by thinking outside the box, creatively, and wisely.

Walk through the forest with Lemu.

Closing the finance and data gap is a crucial step in the fight against the environmental crisis. At Lemu, we take care of that. We prove that financing conservation projects is not about charity but an investment into the future of our Planet.

Which is why we show each supporter the impact of their chosen project while giving steward organizations the chance to access more funding to boost their projects.

Let's make what sounds impossible a reality.

Inside Lemu.

Certifications that back us.

  • 1% For The Planet
  • Climate Neutral
  • Un
  • CMP
  • BCA
We’re from the forest. We’re Lemuches.

We call ourselves “Lemuches”, which comes from the indigenous language of the Mapuche (Mapudungun) and means people from the forest:

We are passionate about helping our ecosystems and reversing the effects of the biodiversity crisis through using technology ethically.

LemuchesLemuchesLemu Explorers. Trip to Costa Rica


Pablo Gonzalez.

Co-Founder & Chief of AI


Seba Eyzaguirre.

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


Christian Peña.

Co-Founder & CTO


Sangeetha Narayan.

Co-Founder & COO


Stephan Funk.

Chief Science Officer


Paulo Paredes.

Co-Founder & CFO


Leo Prieto.

Founder & CEO

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