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Lemu connects users with conservation organizations.

With Lemu, organizations that safeguard the earth, which we call “Stewards”, receive funding, assistance in interpreting the impact of their conservation management, visibility, and networking opportunities to achieve their full potential.


Why Stewards choose Lemu?

  • 1. Get additional funding for your conservation actions.

    Secure additional funding for your conservation efforts by connecting with dedicated supporters willing to help make a verifiable impact on our planet.

  • 2. Gain assistance in interpreting the impact of your conservation management.

    Let's work together to demonstrate the tangible impact and effectiveness of your conservation management.

  • 3. Elevate the visibility of your work and unlock networking opportunities.

    Our goal is to expand the visibility of your work by showcasing your project and creating engaging content, both within and beyond our app.

We pick them carefully

Partnering with effective organizations is our priority. We have specific criteria to identify critical areas and guarantee maximum impact.

See the full criteria

  • Conserved area & Project types

    Focus on the conservation and restoration of terrestrial ecosystems and their biodiversity within a specific geo-localized area

    Implement initiatives that actively contribute to creating a positive impact within the conserved area through nature conservation, restoration, biodiversity protection, and/or research and monitoring efforts.

  • Legal Requirements

    Be officially registered as a non-profit organization or social enterprise for more than 1 year.

    Have the legal authorization to manage the conserved area.

    Have the legal capacity and authority to receive funding for implementing conservation actions.

  • Evidence-based Approach

    Be willing to use evidence-based approach to assess and quantify the impact of your conservation actions.

    Have/or be willing to develop plans that include your mission statement, goals, action plan, monitoring strategies, data processing, and publication strategies.

    Be willing to provide transparent feedback on your conservation activities and the achieved impact.

Your questions, answered

How does Lemu choose the project?

Lemu has dedicated teams responsible for exploring, contacting, and assessing the projects currently featured on the platform. We follow a rigorous selection process based on specific legal and conservation criteria to ensure that the projects showcased have, or will have, a significant impact on nature. This process continually evolves to enhance our ability to identify and support projects that are truly making a difference.

What kind of information about my organization and project will be shown in Lemu?
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How do the organizations receive the funds?

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