3 min read

Project GACEBB, an initiative to protect bonobos

The evolution of bonobos as we know them today happened in the equatorial forests south of the Congo River, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This, simply put, means that it is their home: they can’t survive anywhere else in the world. This is key to understand why a project at that exact location is key to maintain an ensure their survival. Project GACEBB, which is acronym for Groupe D'appui À La Conservation Des Ecosystèmes De Basankusu Et Bolomba, took on the mission to safeguard them.


10 min read

Wildlife protection: why it’s important and how we can help

The World Wildlife Fund’s 2022 Living Planet Report stated that global wildlife populations have decreased by 69% on average since 1970. Behind these numbers, animals are disappearing, resulting in a big effect on our environment.  We _humans_ are the main part of that problem.

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