Wildlife Conservation projects: Fighting for animal conservation

We have lost 68% of our planet’s wildlife since 1970. Stop this now. Fund animal conservation projects through the Lemu app and help protect the fauna from all over the world.

Why should you support Wildlife Conservation?

  • 1. There are more than 5,000 species at risk of extinction around the world.

    Environmental destruction, climate change, and illegal hunting are some of the causes.

  • 2. We have to stop animal trafficking.

    Approximately 20,000 elephants and more than 1,000 rhinos are killed each year.

  • 3. Extinction rates have grown vastly.

    They’re 1,000 times higher than before humans existed.

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Help and Support Wildlife with our app.

48% of the species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes, and insects, is decreasing. Help stop fauna loss by funding conservation projects with Lemu.

Why choose Lemu?

Now more than ever, companies need to take concrete actions in the face of environmental crises and prove their results. Lemu offers digital and technological tools to achieve this.

  • Enhanced support for biodiversity.

    Our technology allows companies to boost their sustainability strategies, financing conservation actions in more than 50 verified environmental projects with real impact on our planet.

  • Get advanced environmental insights.

    We use satellite imagery, hyperspectral data analysis, proprietary environmental indicators and other advanced technologies to help companies understand and improve their impact on nature.

  • Pioneering satellite in Chile.

    Our Lemu Nge satellite, built with state-of-the-art technological elements, was designed to observe and characterize Earth’s biodiversity. It represents an important technological milestone as the first Chilean private satellite.

Discover other Environmental projects available on Lemu

  • Restoration projects

    Help recover the ecosystems that human activities have destroyed.

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  • Projects to stop Climate Change

    Fund the reduction of greenhouse gases and ecosystem damage.

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  • Environmental Research projects

    Support to collaborate in the scientific progress of creating a more sustainable future.

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  • Environment Protection projects

    Help conserve and protect the ecosystems and the animals that live in them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Wildlife Conservation

What measures do projects take to protect endangered animals?

On one hand, an area of protection can be designated within the habitat of the species of interest to protect it and reduce threats. This includes preventing the development of activities that could threaten the survival and development of this species' populations, such as hunting. On the other hand, there are rescue-rehabilitation-release programs, which aim to save animals injured or rescued from illegal trafficking, rehabilitate them, and release them back into the wild, ideally in a protected area. Lastly, there are breeding programs that focus on reproducing a species and releasing animals born in captivity into the wild to recover natural populations. Generally, the breeding of these animals is done with rescued animals that cannot return to the wild due to some unfavorable condition that endangers their survival in their natural habitat or with some of the new offspring born in captivity.

What technologies are used in species conservation projects?
How is the reintroduction of species into the wild managed in conservation projects?
Can endangered animals be helped as part of a conservation project?