Stop Climate Change: Fund projects that fight Global Warming.

Helping reduce climate change is, more than ever, in your hands. Fund projects that are in charge of stopping it through the Lemu app. Doing so is easy and transparent.

Why should you support the fight against Climate Change?

  • 1. The warmest year in history is close.

    There’s a 93% chance of it ocurring between 2022 and 2026.

  • 2. Children face heat waves.

    624 million suffer from one of the three extreme heat indicators.

  • 3. Forced migrations due to climate change.

    216 million people will have to move from their homes by 2050.

  • 4. Lack of funds to fund the fight against global warming.

    Only 4% to 8% of the funding needed is allocated.

  • 5. A 1.5 °C increase in Earth’s temperature is foreseen between 2021 and 2024.

    There’s more than a 50% chance of it.

Learn about our projects to fight Climate Change.


Help fight Climate Change with our app.

With Lemu, supporting a project that fights climate change is very simple. Download the app, fund a project, and follow the development of its actions to verify the impact of your help.

Why choose Lemu?

Now more than ever, companies need to take concrete actions in the face of environmental crises and prove their results. Lemu offers digital and technological tools to achieve this.

  • Enhanced support for biodiversity.

    Our technology allows companies to boost their sustainability strategies, financing conservation actions in more than 50 verified environmental projects with real impact on our planet.

  • Get advanced environmental insights.

    We use satellite imagery, hyperspectral data analysis, proprietary environmental indicators and other advanced technologies to help companies understand and improve their impact on nature.

  • Pioneering satellite in Chile.

    Our Lemu Nge satellite, built with state-of-the-art technological elements, was designed to observe and characterize Earth’s biodiversity. It represents an important technological milestone as the first Chilean private satellite.

Discover other Environmental projects available on Lemu.

  • Restoration projects

    Help recover the ecosystems that human activities have destroyed.

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  • Wildlife Conservation projects

    Support the conservation, protection, and rehabilitation of endangered animals.

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  • Environmental Research projects

    Support to collaborate in the scientific progress of creating a more sustainable future.

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  • Environment Protection projects

    Help conserve and protect the ecosystems and the animals that live in them.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Climate Change.

How can I find the climate change project that best matches my interests?

In the Lemu app, you can search for projects by location or classification (using categories like climate change).

How does payment work, and how do I choose the amount to support climate change projects?
What percentage of my payment goes directly to climate change projects?
Do you have a contact space where I can make inquiries about climate change projects?