Environmental Research: Empower Climate Change Research.

Restoring environments, acting against climate change, protecting biodiversity. All of these actions require research and you can help science go further. Support environmental research funding through the Lemu app.

Why should you support Environmental Research?

  • 1. 30% of the climate mitigation required by 2050 can be supported.

    To do so, we have to develop nature-based solutions.

  • 2. Understanding the causes, effects, and solutions to environmental problems is key.

    This is achieved with research, which allows us to create better strategies.

  • 3. Decisions should be made based on scientific evidence.

    Research enables us to adapt to a changing environment.

  • 4. More information to stay alert and participate.

    With more data, we can prove the need to act urgently.

Learn about our active Environmental Research Projects.


Help Environmental Research with our app.

We need information to fight against climate change and protect the environment. Fund science progress to protect our planet through evidence and nature-based solutions.

Why choose Lemu?

Now more than ever, companies need to take concrete actions in the face of environmental crises and prove their results. Lemu offers digital and technological tools to achieve this.

  • Enhanced support for biodiversity.

    Our technology allows companies to boost their sustainability strategies, financing conservation actions in more than 50 verified environmental projects with real impact on our planet.

  • Get advanced environmental insights.

    We use satellite imagery, hyperspectral data analysis, proprietary environmental indicators and other advanced technologies to help companies understand and improve their impact on nature.

  • Pioneering satellite in Chile.

    Our Lemu Nge satellite, built with state-of-the-art technological elements, was designed to observe and characterize Earth’s biodiversity. It represents an important technological milestone as the first Chilean private satellite.

Discover other Environmental projects available on Lemu.

  • Restoration projects

    Help recover the ecosystems that human activities have destroyed.

    Learn more
  • Species Conservation Projects

    Contribute to conserve, protect and rehabilitate endangered animals.

    Learn more
  • Environmental Protection Projects

    Help conserve and protect ecosystems and the animals that live in them.

    Learn more
  • Projects Fighting Climate Change

    Fund the reduction of greenhouse gases and reduce ecosystem damage.

    Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions about Environmental Research

How are the environmental research projects chosen on the Lemu app?

The selection of our extensive portfolio of projects is carefully made through a review by our legal team and Earth Sciences team. Our team has at least one meeting with the project to better understand their organization and mission. If you have any questions, you can write to us at hello@le.mu, and we will be happy to talk with you.

How can I fund environmental research projects?
Is there a specific amount to fund environmental projects?
How much of the amount I choose goes straight to the environmental research project?
How can I learn about the impact of the environmental research projects I funded through the Lemu app?