Lemu is an ecosystem developed by Odd Industries, an ethically-driven industrial AI startup founded in 2018.

Hello, we are Odd.

We’re an odd group of odd people who hail from different backgrounds and journeys, we live in 9 cities on 3 continents, but we have one unique goal in common:
We want to improve our world by bringing nature online.
If we succeed, we’ll have unleashed the natural capital of planet Earth and guaranteed the balanced survival of as many species as possible.

We are experts in turning unstructured data into actionable information, and we are passionate about using the most advanced technology to preserve and protect the only known planet with life on it.


We firmly believe that the best possible outcome is only achievable by working together, that is why we are building the largest and most diverse network possible for this ecosystem to thrive.

If you are a steward of nature, from a public park service to a private conservation land trust or local communities and NGOs working for our planet, please consider joining our network.

Email us today: hello@le.mu

Join us.

If you are passionate about data and want to belong to a growing company that does not stop innovating, apply now, we will get back to you.

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An Atlas of the Biosphere.

We have found a new way to help tackle the environmental crisis: by bringing the natural world online.
Come and explore
You are here.
So is every other known life form in the universe.
Satellite data reveals how precious and fragile our planet is, enabling us to measure and track billions of hectares efficiently at scale.
Seeing the invisible
We combine satellite data with hyperspectral imagery that reveals ranges of the light spectrum beyond the human eye.
So we can distinguish natural from human-made objects from great distances – and even differentiate species based on their hyperspectral signature.
Light of the forest
Closer to the ground, we use LiDAR remote sensing data from planes and drones to scan hundreds of hectares at super-high resolution.
By combining all this data,
we can create something powerful.
An Atlas of the Biosphere.
And we can unlock a new way to protect it.
Welcome to Lemu
An Atlas of the
We have found a new way to help tackle the environmental crisis: by taking the natural world online.
It’s time to pay trees for the work they do.
And birds, bees, bogs, and the rest of our ecosphere. Because they do a lot of work – and none of it is ‘free’.
Our mission is to unleash the planet’s natural capital by measuring and tracking every ecosystem on Earth. We use the most advanced technology available to help make conservation profitable.
Big data for a small world
Our technology combines countless geospatial data sources, including:
Our data
Open data
Collective data
… to identify, measure and track the value that ecosystems generate each and every day.
Unleashing the world’s natural capital
To understand the value of an ecosystem, we need to understand the services it provides.
Forests store carbon, supply medicines, support biodiversity, and sustain mental health. The return on investment is immense – but not immeasurable.
Supporting Services
The fundamental support that enables all other ecosystem services.
Regulating Services
The benefits obtained from regulation of ecosystem processes.
Ecocentric Services
The ecocentric benefits that nature provides to non-human organisms.
Provisioning Services
All the natural resources obtained from an ecosystem.
Cultural Services
The non-material benefits humans obtain from ecosystems.
Algorithm of the forest
By combining advanced data sources, we assign a value to each ecosystem: a LemuRank. Each ecosystem is then saved on the blockchain.
Covering a unique polygon of the planet’s surface, a biome might be desert, wetland, even a city. But we are starting with the world’s forests: an infinitely rich store of natural capital.
Invest in the future of Earth
Think of the difference in value between a seed and a tree. What if you could invest in that growth – and incentivise it?
By bringing the natural world online, we are building a platform where investors and stewards can connect.
Let’s protect the future of the only planet we share.
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