Save nature and fight climate change.

Lemu connects sustainability goals with advanced technology, enabling companies to drive their environmental actions and more accurately measure their impact on the planet.

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Why choose Lemu?

Now more than ever, companies need to take concrete actions in the face of environmental crises and prove their results. Lemu offers digital and technological tools to achieve this.

  • Enhanced support for biodiversity.

    Our technology allows companies to boost their sustainability strategies, financing conservation actions in more than 50 verified environmental projects with real impact on our planet.

  • Get advanced environmental insights.

    We use satellite imagery, hyperspectral data analysis, proprietary environmental indicators and other advanced technologies to help companies understand and improve their impact on nature.

  • Pioneering satellite in Chile.

    Our Lemu Nge satellite, built with state-of-the-art technological elements, was designed to observe and characterize Earth’s biodiversity. It represents an important technological milestone as the first Chilean private satellite.

Environmental projects available in Lemu spread across conservation fields.

  • Nature Restoration Projects.

    Help recover ecosystems that have been destroyed by human activities.

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  • Species Conservation Projects.

    Contribute to conserve, protect and rehabilitate endangered animals.

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  • Projects Fighting Climate Change.

    Fund the reduction of greenhouse gases and reduce ecosystem damage.

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  • Environmental Research Projects.

    Contribute and collaborate with the advancement of science to create a more sustainable future.

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  • Environmental Protection Projects.

    Help conserve and protect ecosystems and the animals that live in them.

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Strengthen your environmental sustainability goals.

If you are a company, NGO, government agency or educational institution looking to boost your environmental impact, contact us!

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Lemu is collaboration through nature.

Protecting nature is a collective effort. Find out how Lemu's technology is promoting actions with positive environmental impact.

We're not an NGO. Here is why.

  • 1. We act as facilitators:

    We ensure the financial sustainability of environmental conservation, enabling environmental actions with greater impact.

  • 2. We promote technological innovations:

    We invest in solutions to observe and understand biodiversity, always with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technologies.

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What is Lemu?

Lemu puts advanced technology at the service of companies at different stages of their sustainability journeys. With Lemu's technology, companies can enhance their actions to protect the environment and obtain data that demonstrates the results of their efforts, furthering their organizational goals of environmental sustainability.

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