Empowering you to act on behalf of nature

Lemu is an app to value life on Earth. A community to support nature.
Connecting supporters with conservation projects.

If you want to protect nature by supporting conservation projects, the Lemu app is for you.

You’ll be able to check out the impact of your support, and help reach our goal: financing the protection of 1% of the Earth's land within the next 10 years.

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Your support matters. Your choices do too.

You have the power to protect nature anywhere in the world by supporting the projects you want to.

Don’t worry, leave the project research to us. We pick the projects carefully and wisely to make sure that your support is effective.

We divide them into categories so it’s easier for you to identify those which better fit your interests.

Conserve Nature.

Help with the conservation of plants and animal species that live in a specific environment.

Restore Nature.

Empower projects that reforest environments and help reverse ecosystem degradation.

Protect Biodiversity.

Lend a hand in helping the population of various species grow. Aid in their restoration.


Support assessing conservation outcomes.

Ready to make a change? Get the Lemu app.

Download the Lemu app and complete the registration process. Start making a positive impact on our planet by:

1. Exploring

Discover conservation areas worldwide and the projects that make conservation possible

2. Supporting

Choose the conservation project you want to help. After finding your favorite one, you just need to select it, and you’ll support it for 1 year.

3. Witnessing your impact

Get visibility of your supported project’s development.

Got a project that protects our biosphere? We've been looking for you!

As a steward organization, you’ll enjoy benefits like ease of financing, help with conservation management through accessing data, boosted visibility, promotion of your work, including connection to other organizations and supporters.

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